Stock market

Market Indices


KOSPI is a market value weighted index, composed of all common stocks, excluding the preferred stocks and collective investment schemes, listed on the Stock Market, thus measuring the price movements of the Stock Market. The newly-listed stocks are included one day after their listing. The base date of the KOSPI is January 4, 1980, with the base index of 100.

KRX 100

KRX 100 is an index introduced on June 1, 2005, comprising 100 issues listed on the Stock Market and Kosdaq Market (92 issues from Stock Market and 8 issues from Kosdaq Market at the end of 2008). The index is a free-float market value weighted index and it covers leading companies of all industry groups. It is used as an underlying index for the derivatives products. The constituents of KRX 100 are selected based on a wide range of criteria, including the market capitalization, liquidity and financial soundness.  The base date of KRX 100 is January 2, 2001, with the base index of 1,000.


KOSPI 200, which is the underlying index of stock index futures and options, is composed of 200 blue chips that account for about 90% of the total market capitalization of the Stock Market. The constituent stocks are selected on the basis of the market value of the individual stocks, their liquidity and relative position in the industry groups they belong to. Its base date is January 3, 1990 and the base index is 100. In addition to KRX 100, KOSPI and KOSPI 200, the Stock Market publishes sub-indices such as KOSPI 100, KOSPI 50, indices by market capitalization and sector indices as well as Korea Dividend Stock Price Index (KODI) and Korea Corporate Governance Stock Price Index (KOGI). All indices, including KOSPI,
are updated every ten seconds while KRX 100 and KOSPI 200 are updated every two seconds.