Foreign investors are required to register the name of the entity or individual at Financial Supervisory Services (FSS) and obtain Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) through a designated standing proxy ( Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd.)

Foreign Investors who need to register :

Individuals with foreign nationality
Institutions incorporated under a foreign regulation
International financial organizations or associations established by treaties

Foreign Investors who do NOT need to register :

Residents with foreign citizenship, living in Korea for more than 6 months
Non-residents with Korean nationality

Documents needed to obtain IRC

For Individual : Standing Proxy Agreement (available if requested)
For Corporate Entity : Standing Proxy Agreement (available if requested) Certificate of Incorporation, Brief financial information


Opening Account

In case of foreign investors who already received IRC from FSS, the stock trading account can be opened with IRC and Standing Proxy Agreement.

In case of foreign investors who do not need to register, the followings are needed to open an account :

Residents with foreign citizenship living in Korea more than 6 months

Copy of passport
Alien Registration Card (issued by Immigration Office in Korea)

Non-residents with Korean nationality

Standing Proxy Agreement
Copy of passport
Copy of Green card or Certificate of Resident Status
Criteria for Determination of Non-Resident in Korea



Remittance of Funds to the following accounts


Flow Chart of Fund Remittance & FX

Pre-advice is an optional process for investors to confirm funds transfer as soon as possible.
Any charges from remittance are liable for beneficiary (MT100 Code : BEN, MT103 Code : SHA)


Placing Order

Investors may place orders through telephone call, fax, email, or internet messenger.
Alex Choi is available all the time (Korean daytime) at (sign-in) at MSN Messenger.

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Execution of orders will be confirmed by telephone call or return email.