Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd.

Daewoo Securities has led the Korean securities market for the last 40 years since its establishment in September 1970.  Based on stable growth of its assets and customer base with sound financial position, it has continued to maintain top position, leading the Korean capital market.  Daewoo Securities is taking another leap towards a greater future.  Expanding its role from a leader in the securities industry to become a pioneer in financial services and a world-class leading securities firm, it is poised to start a new era of financial service.

Daewoo Securities is a leading full-service investment firm offering a wide range of financial services in South Korea, such as securities trading and brokerage, underwriting, asset management, and international corporate finance. The company has a stronghold in the brokerage market and is a viable top IB player in the Korean market.

Company Overview

Establishment September 1970
CEO Kee Young Im
No. of employees 3,281

124 branches (nationwide)
(12 WM Centers, 1 IB Center, 3 Offices)

Credit rating AA (Korea Ratings)
Shares in issue 204 mln shares
 - common 190 mln shares
 - preferred 14 mln shares
Majority shareholder Korea Development Bank (Ownership of 39.1%)

Since its establishment in Sep1970, the company has grown to include 3,281 employees in 124 branches and five overseas networks. Today, it ranks among the nation's top domestic brokers, with the highest market share in brokerage business with around 9% in terms of both commission revenue and trading value. The company also has its competitive advantage in underwriting, and is moving further to build a strong track record in principal investments etc.  Also it sustains the highest level of net figures in the Korean Securities Industry. In close cooperation with Korea Development Bank (its majority shareholder with 39.1%), room remains for greater synergy ahead.

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